Literacy Homework Activities: Useful Suggestions

Improving reading skills is an important goal behind literacy homework. There are different activities to consider that can make reading fun and enjoyable. There are options you can create on your own besides those listed below to keep things interesting. When you find something that makes reading less of a chore you are more likely to gain positive results. Here are several ideas to consider when seeking your own literacy activities to complete at home.

  • Read stories including favorite cartoon characters. To get interested and motivated to read it helps to use books with characters or story lines you know well. At least from this perspective you can get comfortable reading material you are familiar with. This is a good trick parent’s use with their children to get them reading. You can consider favorite topics and subjects when considering reading material that is interesting and will encourage you to read.

  • Expand vocabulary by learning new words. Learning new words is a great way to improve literacy. As you build your vocabulary it makes reading easier. You can consider reading different books or magazines related to your interests, but something you normally wouldn’t read. You can use a thesaurus or dictionary to read to give the same idea.

  • Use flashcards to create word games. Many homework assignments include the use of flashcards or some sort of word game. This is a good way to make studying or reading fun and easy. You can choose to make your own cards and take them with you when on the go. Use them to help you learn definition of words, how to spell them or in other ways to help you remember specific content.

  • Find literacy worksheets to print out online. There are many websites offering free work pages students can complete. You can choose to complete them online or print them out. These vary by academic level and subject. You can find pages with short stories and questions to answer relating to the content. There are pages to help students write sentences, paragraphs and provide a form of comprehension practice.

  • Set goals to read a certain number of books. You can have a reading schedule that includes reading a specific number of books each week. The number may vary depending on grade level. Or, if reading a chapter book you could set milestones to complete a number of chapters per week.