Expert Advice On How To Stop Playing Video Games And Do Homework

The problem of video games and assignments is something that parents, teachers and students will always have trouble with. The parents and teachers strive to make sure that you are able to do your work without interruptions, while students on the other hand often want to have fun and do some work later. This is not just a problem that has come up recently, it is something that has been going on for a very long time.

While the teachers and parents might really care for you and want you to focus more on your work, you must understand that they have already played their part in the learning process and all they are trying to do is to help you make some good out of yours. Therefore the onus when it comes to putting an end to too much gaming time over your school work rests entirely upon you. So what should you do in order to stop playing too many games and instead channel your efforts to more productive stuff like homework? Well, the following are some simple points that you are supposed to take into consideration:

  • Have a plan

  • Dedicate yourself to the cause

  • Have a reward scheme

Have a plan

The first thing that you are supposed to do when it comes to doing some of this is to spend some time planning on how you want to go about it. It is one thing to want to stop spending a lot of time on games, and it is a whole different story altogether to put that desire into effect.

Come up with a plan on how you will be scheduling your games when you have an assignment to do. If you cannot do this on your own, there is nothing wrong with asking for help either.

Dedicate yourself to the cause

One of the most important things that will help you succeed in this process is your dedication to the cause. You must show that you really are willing to make a change for the better. You have to be willing to put in as much effort as possible.

Have a reward scheme

If you want this to work, turn the games into a reward system. This is a system whereby you get to reward yourself with a game or two, only after completing your assignments.