Why Holiday Homework Should Be Banned: Pros And Cons

Is it high time we banned holiday homework? This is a question that the learning system has grappled with for so many years. Holiday assignments have different purposes depending on what the teacher intends the students to get from the same. It is always a good thing to make sure that you pay attention to what the teacher hopes to see you learn, so that even as you are working on these tasks, you stay ahead of the pack.

On the other hand we also have the proponents for the abolishment of holiday homework. Of course they do have their own reasons for championing their issues. One thing that we cannot take for granted however, is the fact that when two sides of a debate come to clash, we have to consider both of their perspectives before choosing what to do. With that in mind, the following are some of the ideas in support of and against the holiday assignments:


  • Keep students busy
  • One of the first things that teachers think about when issuing some of these tasks is to try and make sure that they keep the students busy even when they are away from school. This is such a noble idea, but sadly, students never take to it kindly.

  • Keep the learning cycle in session
  • Just because the schools are closed does not mean that learning has stopped. This is a good reason why teachers normally choose to give the students some of these tasks to work on every other time.


  • Negate the concept of a holiday
  • Ideally a holiday is supposed to be a time when the students get to rest, ease off the work that they have been doing all through the school term. This allows them time to relax, rejuvenate and come back well rested for a new school term. With assignments, this concept gets violated in a major way.

  • Eats up too much of the students’ time
  • Of course then schools are closed all the students want to do is to relax and have some fun, enjoy a good time and in the process get to feel refreshed. With too much assignments to work on, there is a good chance that the students will have a really hard time to achieve this. For this reason therefore those who have to do some work during their holidays normally have things rough.