Dealing With Homework Assignments: A Tried And True Strategy

Homework can be challenging for even the best students. For this reason, you may want to develop a strategy to follow each evening when you sit to do your assignments. If you do not know how to get started, here is a tried and true strategy that you can tweak to meet your specific needs.

Step #1: Put Your Phone on Silent

If you have a cell phone, it can be very distracting as you sit to do homework. You may receive emails, social media notifications, or texts from friends that can be all too tempting. For this reason, put your phone on silent before you begin your assignments for the evening and commit yourself to leaving it alone until you have finished.

Step #2: Sit in a Calm Area

A distraction-free area also helps when it is time to complete assignments. Sit alone in your bedroom or a designated study area to work. If it is too quiet for you or the sounds of your family are still coming through the walls, consider playing music. However, choose a radio station over something like Youtube where you will be tempted to browse videos between selections.

Step #3: Use the Internet Wisely

You may need to use your computer to look something up, or if you must complete a research assignment. However, be sure that you are staying focused on the task at home. Stay away from social media, games, and other tempting sites and use only one tab at a time.

Step #4: Tackle One Assignment at a Time

When you multitask, you force your brain to switch between assignments. Each times this happens, the brain must refocus. This means that multitasking actually wastes times. Instead, try doing one assignment at a time and focusing solely on that piece of homework until you have finished.

Step #5: Avoid Procrastination

Once you have completed several homework assignments, it can be all too tempting to put off the last 1 or 2 until study hall the next day, or to skip studying or starting your research project until the next day. However, this will just leave you with more to do. Try writing down everything you would like to accomplish before you leave school for the day. Then, commit to it. If you said you would start researching for your big project, then make sure that you do so.